Opportunity based narratives to the future of your business.

Learning by doing: meaning from direct experience.

Tap into rich knowledge of practical visionaries from the field.
Imaging Mind is a platform for the creative collision of ideas, prototypes and viewpoints in the visual space.

It is a community and research initiative for identifying the opportunities and limits of visual technologies as well as their social, cultural, economic, and ethical impacts on people, organisations and society over the coming decades.

Whether you're a strategic leader in a large corporate organisation, a startup founder or a visual artist, Imaging Mind has the insights, tools and practices to turn foresight into actionable insights. Our services help anyone understand and leverage the fast-moving visual information world by aggregating the wisdom of the crowd.

For this we:
  • Connect people, places and resources in the visual space
  • Organise experiential gatherings e.g. roundtables, workshops and hackathons
  • Research, develop and share visual knowledge

Visual Information World

We live in the information age in which technology has become pervasive and ubiquitous with planetary-scale computation. New technologies are rapidly succeeding each other, disrupting industries, mediating our reality and transforming how we live, work and play.

The importance of visual information cannot be understated. Visual culture is booming. Pictures are the new lingua franca now that nearly everyone has access to a camera. Culture has changed to accommodate this explosion of visual information: meeting notes are photographed, people express themselves through selfies, conversations are made through transient pictures and people collect and share their life as a giant sticker album. Interfaces become more visual and mere text is seen as inadequate.

This is our new world and it is inherently visual. But how to leverage it?
Experience Reality

We believe that meaning comes from direct experience. This means quite literally that you have to experience the topic at hand. You don't learn about photography by reading; you learn by taking pictures. You don't learn about virtual reality by reading; you learn about it by wearing a VR-helmet.

Where possible, Imaging Mind brings its experiences, hackathons, keynotes, workshops and meetups as close as possible by letting people experience its contents. Either through physical objects, gadgets and hardware or through simulations, mockups or interactive pieces. Without experience, knowledge is dulled.

And that's what we do here at Imaging Mind. We play, tinker and experiment with new technologies and guide you with our knowledge.
Participatory strategy
and the wisdom of the crowd.
Who is it for?
  • Technology executives looking for investment opportunities, understanding and trajectory
  • Imaging startups looking for investors, partnerships and knowledge
  • Media executives who want to leverage visual (communication) technologies
  • Policy makers who want to create a fertile climate for creative industries or understand the impact of visual technologies on society
  • Investors in visual (communication) technologies
  • Experts, researchers and students in the visual domain e.g. virtual reality
  • Journalists writing about visual (communication) technologies
  • Creatives e.g. photographers, filmmakers, visual artists, (game) designers, illustrators and anyone else creating visual content
… and anyone else with a passion for the visual who wants to make a contribution.