Kowloon Walled City

The Wall Street Journal has a project site dedicated to the Kowloon Walled City, showing photos and videos


Monitoring Wildlife

The Dutch TNO institute and primate zoo Apenheul Foundation have joined forces for their new project “Gorillas in the Cloud“. Apenheul is an ‘open zoo’ where primates live freely without cages. The idea of the project being to monitor the gorillas present.


Berlin Mind: Fast Forward Imaging

In our Berlin Mind series, we report about selected imagery startups based in Berlin, Germany. Hidden away just north of Berlin Hauptbahnhof you can find a few old office building and factories filled with all kinds of artists and startups.


Playing with lenses: imaging in games

Videogames are an inherently visual medium. Like films they rely on imaging to bring across worlds, settings and scenes. Unlike films however, they allow for a degree of interaction.


An evening with Decoded Fashion

The setting was far from immaculate and thus the best setting one could wish for. An out of use factory basement in the center of Berlin played host to the first event of Decoded Fashion within Europe after its start in New York. Its purpose: to show the overlap between fashion and technology.


Autographer misses context

The Autographer is a nice automatic and context sensing camera that in its current guise is limited by its battery life and inability to use that contextual data.


Rando is no more

About a year ago Rando launched and thus we thought it a good idea to highlight it here


Wrapping up the MEX

MEX, the Mobile User Experience, is an event with a simple focus that nonetheless diverges into an incredibly diverse collection of topics. How it manages to keep the two happily married? Their six user modes: create, consume, control, communicate, locate and trust.


Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

Surprising friends and foes alike, Facebook announced the acquisition of Oculus VR, arguably the leading face of virtual reality technology.


The first Imaging Mind Meetup

Imaging Mind is set up as a community of people all involved with imaging. To find the new imaging innovations on the edge of the present and the future. With the Imaging Mind Meetups, we try to add a physical and social component to this search.


Rando: visual randomness

A notification pops up. Eagerly I swipe through it and an empty circle stares at me, a second later I am in turn staring at the circle’s newly loaded ‘rando’: it’s a photo of a packet of Dunhill cigarettes. From Indonesia.


Make It Wearable Episode 1: Human Communication

The Creators Project is one of our favorite YouTube channels. It aims to explore the work of visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries of creative expression. If often touches the field of Imaging.