Don't communicate with an algorithm, communicate with an agent. Discover conversation as the original natural interface.

Go beyond virtual reality as a conversation piece. Discover the true potential of virtual reality and apply it within your own organisation.

Unleash the power of technology through a HACKTHEVISUAL hackathon! Mix people, passion and potential in a pressure cooker session!

Imaging Mind is an open platform for the creative collision of ideas, opinions and perspectives in the visual space. Through investigative reporting and event reports, we - as a community - collect and interpret everything within the field of visual information, communication technologies, and their impact on business and society. To create a collective mind on imaging's future: an Imaging Mind!
  • Immersed in popular culture and investigating emerging technologies
  • Reaching out and connecting like minded people, edge participants, thought leaders, (startup) entrepreneurs, enterprises and institutes across the full visual information spectrum
  • Aiming to build an 'imaging mind' (vision). Our narratives provides insights outside the radar of traditional R&D and isolated encounters with data

At the heart of Imaging Mind you will find our community of trailblazing individuals who are the thought leaders, rebels, change agents and visionaries of the 21st century. They are the founders, hackers, artists, makers and researchers who are shaping tomorrow's visual culture by pushing the boundaries of technology and art. We collect and interpret their perspectives and viewpoints. Each and every one of them helps us interpret and understand the future of imaging a little better; maybe even serving as a guiding hand.

We make the visual future happen - today.